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10 Virtual Entertainment Ideas for an Unforgettable Event

Work doesn’t always need to be business as usual. It can be “Work hard, play hard.” Virtual entertainment is a secret ingredient to hosting engaging online events.

Virtual entertainment can turn a routine remote happy hour into a fond memory. It can also create buzz at virtual conferences and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Why Should You Use Virtual Entertainment?

The biggest challenges to hosting virtual events are engagement and interaction. In an age of virtual meeting overload, people have grown tired of the same boring online calls (we’re looking at you, Zoom).

Nearly half of event marketers say that audience engagement is the number one factor for great virtual events. It works great for virtual conferences when users may lose interest after sitting through several panel discussions. It also provides a fun virtual activity that helps remote teams build relationships.

10 Virtual Entertainment Ideas With Gather

virtual entertainment: breakout rooms by Gather App

Gather is an immersive virtual video conferencing platform that’s set in an 8-bit world. Users walk around your customized space and join conversations just as easily as in person. It’s a new take on virtual event venues or fun virtual social events with your remote team.

You’re able to talk with people through video chat and messaging. Plus, you can create breakout rooms people can easily join.

Keep guests entertained and online for the duration of your event with one of these virtual entertainment ideas:

1. Virtual Escape Room

virtual entertainment: escape room by Gather App

A virtual escape room is an excellent team-building activity. Attendees work together to solve clues and puzzles to escape the virtual room.

Gather features a free virtual escape room for up to 25 attendees. No need to spend time coming up with your own clues and adventure beforehand.

Follow clues that Gather provides to make it through to the next level. You’ll encounter hidden doors, tunnels, and pesky guards who will try to stop you.

virtual entertainment: create new spaces in Gather App

Select the “Dungeon Escape” space. Invite participants by adding their email addresses or copying the link.

You can begin your adventure once everyone has joined. Use a timer to track which team can make it out fastest.

2. Virtual Concert

Live music helps get the party going, allowing attendees to unwind and relax. 

In-person office parties and conferences often host live musical guests. Why should virtual events be any different?

Bring the entertainment right to your attendees’ screens with a live band or virtual DJ. Create your own concert venue with Gather and stream live gigs for your guests.

3. Comedy Show

A stand-up comedy show is sure to generate laughs and entertainment. Give guests a break from work and boost morale with a virtual comedian.

Virtual comedians get the crowd involved to offer something truly memorable. Try an improv comedy troupe, who may ask for ideas from the audience to use in their sketches.

You can go as far as hiring a celebrity comedian or a lesser-known virtual entertainer to stay within your budget.

4. Magic Show

Going virtual doesn’t hinder a magician’s ability to wow the crowd. Magicians, illusionists, and mind-readers (mentalists) are all available for your next event.

You don’t need to be in-person to pick a card from the magician’s deck. Virtual magic shows naturally encourage audience interaction. Who knows, the magician may let you in on a secret or two.

5. Virtual Trivia Game

Test your attendees’ knowledge with a virtual trivia game show.

Attendees team up, give their best answers, and compete.

Come up with a list of trivia questions, set the number of rounds, and create a point system. Throw in some bonus questions for extra points.

Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • What year was the first iPhone released? (2007)
  • What is the human body’s largest organ? (skin)
  • Which country was Nelson Mandela from? (South Africa)
  • How many cards are in a deck of Uno? (108)
  • Which was the first NHL hockey team Wayne Gretzky played for? (Edmonton Oilers)

Choose an emcee to host. Ask questions one by one and have teams record their answers. Collect answers and tally up points from each round. Create a leaderboard and share your screen for everyone to see. Keep it interesting and allow teams to wager all their points at the last minute for “Final Jeopardy.”

6. Mixologist

Virtual mixologists teach attendees the secrets behind their favorite cocktails.

Guests craft their favorite cocktails (or mocktails) with the guidance of certified professionals.

Tell your attendees to prepare for the event with a list of ingredients needed. Take it one step further and send cocktail kits with everything they need.

You can do 10-minute sessions for quick stop-ins from guests or longer lessons of around one hour.

7. Cooking Class

Bring the event into the audience’s own kitchen. 

Culinary pros teach it all. Learn the secrets behind perfectly cooked risotto, Pad Thai, or a zesty salsa. It’s an entertaining event idea and meal all in one.

Similar to a mixology course, have attendees prepare ingredients or mail them kits early. Make it into a competition where you crown the next Gordon Ramsey.

8. Virtual Karaoke

Karaoke can turn your event into a virtual party. It’s especially entertaining for smaller groups, like a virtual remote team.

Searching YouTube for the karaoke version of songs is a free and easy way to host a virtual karaoke event. Use the chat feature to line up songs. Then, belt out your favorite tune.

Request your favorite sing-alongs or go solo with your best rendition of an 80’s hit. The reactions on everyone’s face will be priceless, no matter how great of a singer you are.

Virtual Karaoke from Gather App

You can pull off a virtual karaoke party in Gather. Choose the “Open Mic Cafe” template, which has a pre-built stage and seats for the audience. Take turns stepping into the spotlight and gracing the crowd with a voice only a mother could love.

9. Live Illustrator

For a child, hand-drawn illustrations from amusement parks or carnivals are always a perfect souvenir. Incorporate this nostalgic concept into your next virtual event. Attendees can take home a custom portrait.

You can also get real-time illustrations made during presentations (otherwise known as digital scribing). Let’s say your event includes a panel discussion or keynote speaker. An illustrator will give a graphical representation of the verbal information.

It’s a fun way to make sure attendees understand the key takeaways from presentations. Send attendees the drawings or repurpose them for marketing.

10. Health and Wellness Session

The daily grind can wear out even the best of us. Why not dedicate some time to your mental and physical health?

Pull out the yoga mat for a quick session. Or do a light workout routine to get the blood flowing. Unplug your mind for 15 minutes of meditation.

Don’t worry if you’re unable to lead sessions on your own. You can stream free online content like CorePower Yoga On Demand or pay for a live virtual instructor with YogaHub.

Let guests know beforehand so they can prepare the right clothing and workout space.

Add Some Fun to Your Event

Engaging events have one thing in common: They’re supported by unique virtual entertainment experiences for guests.

If you’re planning a virtual conference or similar event, use one of these ideas to liven up your event.

These also work well for online social or work parties, like virtual happy hours, holiday celebrations.For other fun event ideas, check out our guide to virtual experiences and other online hangout ideas.