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15 Virtual Hangout Ideas for a Fun Night In

virtual hangout ideas: Screenshot of a virtual charades game through a video call

Friends live in a different state now? Trying to navigate pandemic-friendly activities? Or just wanting to stay in touch with family? Virtual hangout ideas can help you take the conversation beyond Facetime. Create an event that makes everyone excited to join. 

Virtual event hosts have the best intentions, but they can fall apart without a full plan. Keep these tips in mind: 

  • Let participants know early if they need to download software or create an account.
  • Keep time zones in mind.
  • Remind people to wear headphones or mute themselves when they’re not talking.

Whether you’re looking for a one-night event or ongoing meetups, there are many options. If you’re running out of steam brainstorming virtual hangout ideas on your own, check out these 15 digital experiences. 

#1: Video Call Charades 

Many free tools can inspire your video call charades event that’s appropriate for kids and adults. Don’t forget a time for each team’s turn to keep it fair! 

#2: Virtual Happy Hour 

If you’re attending an online conference, tack on extra time at the end to socialize. If you want a virtual happy hour, consider having everyone make their own cocktails at home using a shared recipe.

#3-#8: 5 Virtual Games

virtual hangout ideas: Screenshot of a virtual poker game through a video call

From Cards Against Humanity to Scattegories to Monopoly, many of your favorite games will transfer online. 

Check out Jackbox games for fun multiplayer party games if you need some inspiration.

Among Us 

Some online games get more traction than others, and Among Us is no exception. This game has a maximum of 10 players. 

In the game, you need to find which player is an imposter looking to kill your teammates. Finish all tasks or vote the imposter off to win. 

It’s perfect when you’ve got two hours to spare. Grab the free online app and choose between the two versions: original and hide-and-seek. 

Digital Pictionary 

A virtual version of the in-person classic, you can play digital pictionary with your friends or with your coworkers. Even better, you can play Draw Battle with Gather for fast-paced, interactive fun.


Trivia games bring together people for a fast-paced know-it all competition. You can offer a prize like a digital gift card. This game works with an app like HouseParty or Random Trivia Generator. To create your own quiz, you can also play Kahoot on Gather.

Dungeons and Dragons 

Board games and in-person RPGs like this one pivoted quickly to online at the beginning of the pandemic. If it’s your group’s first time, consider asking an experienced dungeon master to stop by. 

Tip: Gather’s Foundry integration makes tabletop RPG games easy to plan with friends all over. 


On PowerPoint, you can create all the categories and answers based on your chosen group’s interests. Appoint a host to control the event and keep track of each team’s score. Don’t forget the theme song, either! 

#9: Virtual Book Club 

Local book clubs are a great way to get to know neighbors, but virtual book clubs allow you to open up membership beyond your zip code. You’ll need a meetup or communication platform, a focus or book genre, and a schedule. 

Many popular books come with book club questions in the book or on the author’s website. 

#10: Paint Party

virtual hangout ideas: Person painting trees GIF

Cue an episode of Bob Ross and paint happy little trees together! Make sure everyone turns their camera to face their canvas so you can watch everyone’s progress. 

#11: Netflix Party 

Hold a next-level movie night using the Chrome extension Teleparty (formerly called Netflix Party), a synced experience with a group chat. Binge your favorite TV show, or see who can quote the most lines from an old movie. Adults can turn this into a drinking game — take a sip when you hear your favorite quotes. 

#12: Virtual Karaoke 

Sing your heart out with virtual karaoke. Belt out your favorite hits, and allow other attendees to vote for their favorite performer. 

#13: Host Your Own Awards Show

Season 7 Nbc GIF By The Office

If your video call is for the office or a large family, host your own version of the Dundies from the popular Office TV show. You decide the categories, the winners, and the prizes! 

#14: Empower Virtual DJs

Want a unique playlist? Make your living room a dance floor. Let kids pick their top songs, and give everyone a chance to DJ. Take it up a notch by setting a theme, like ‘80s night. 

#15: Host Your Own Cooking Show 

Host a virtual cooking event where you share your top family recipes with loved ones or friends. Send recipe cards early so everyone has time to prepare. 

How to Make Virtual Hangout Events Work 

Screenshot of a virtual office

The right technology and planning can help make your party ideas a success. 

You can use Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or other tools guests can easily access. This will minimize technical issues so you can focus on having fun. 

Here are some tips for getting the most from your virtual hangout: 

  • Send invites via email or social media. 
  • Choose a convenient time (a Doodle poll can help).
  • Send written instructions or a pre-recorded tech walkthrough. 
  • Send event reminders.
  • Grab screenshots to post to social media or share over email.

Get Games Going with Gather 

Ready for your next game night? Choose a creative way to have fun online, and give people a few weeks notice.

If you’re looking for creative ways to meet up, expand your options with a tool like Gather. You can tailor your Gather rooms to your event. 

Gather can help you host a winning get together. With the online tool, you can customize your own rooms, and even play draw-battle with a shared screen.